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Eyelash Lifting in Mairena Del Aljarafe

At our aesthetic center María de Felipe, we perform a professional eyelash lifting guaranteeing spectacular results, thanks to the technique we use.

An eyelash lift is a treatment that lengthens and creates a slight upward curve in the eyelashes naturally and lastingly, achieving greater length and thickness. This treatment immediately reaches all hairs.

Our lash lift is accompanied by eyelash tinting providing greater intensity and depth to the look. If your eyelashes are blonde or have lost pigmentation, it is an ideal treatment to enhance your lashes.

One of the major advantages of this treatment is that it does not damage your eyelashes at all, they do not fall out, making it appear as if you have much more volume and intensity.

The results are spectacular, leaving long and voluminous lashes.

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How Long Does Eyelash Lifting Last?

One of the greatest advantages of eyelash lifting is its duration. They can last up to 2 months intact and perfect thanks to the fixing gel used in the treatment.

You can apply your mascara without any problem as it will not affect the lift, and you can also swim in pools or the sea without affecting the results.

What’s the difference compared to eyelash extensions?

The difference with eyelash extensions is that they fall out along with the natural lashes, whereas with the lift, this does not happen.

With the lift, however, the lashes gradually return to their natural shape after two months.


Advantages of Eyelash Lifting

Here are the advantages of the eyelash lifting treatment.

– It does not damage your eyelashes.
– The result of the eyelash lifting is completely natural.
– It is a quick, simple, and painless treatment.
– It is effective even with the shortest eyelashes.
– This treatment saves you time and money; the treatment duration is very short, and you will save money as you won’t need to use mascara if you don’t want to, and consequently, you won’t need makeup remover for a long time. Additionally, its price is lower than that of other similar techniques.

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