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Micropigmentation in Mairena del Aljarafe

María de Felipe is your go-to aesthetic center for micropigmentation in Seville.

The execution of this eyebrow design method is very specific, so if you decide to have it done, you should do so with sector professionals who guarantee quality results.

At María de Felipe, our team of professionals has years of experience. We advise you from the first moment, so you can resolve all your doubts about micropigmentation with experts in the field.

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What is micropigmentation?

It is a semi-permanent tattooing technique performed on the eyebrow area.

It draws hair by hair, maintaining the natural shape of the eyebrow, simulating color, thickness, and texture.

The results are incredible as it is one of the methods where the most natural finishes are achieved.

The treatment is carried out with a sterile disposable tool, with which micro-cuts are made in the skin while manually applying pigment to the surface of the dermis.

It is an ideal treatment for people with sparse eyebrows, or who have lost hair over the years, or as a result of some illness or medical treatment.

Micropigmentationallows both shaping and filling in the eyebrow where needed, without major skin aggressions and with a finish that goes completely unnoticed. The secret is the “hair by hair” technique, which allows for a more precise and personalized application of the stroke, obtaining a very natural result.

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Eyebrow Micropigmentation

It is a method that is currently trending, although with the results obtained, it seems it is here to stay.


Come visit us at our María de Felipe center and inquire about the micropigmentation prices for eyebrows.

It is one of the most durable methods and quite affordable in price.

Consult with our professionals; they will guide and advise you if you need to clarify any doubts.

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