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Traditional Nail Polish

María de Felipe specializes in being a comprehensive beauty center, where nail care and treatment is one of its most outstanding services.

One of the nail treatments performed at our center is traditional nail polish.

What is Traditional Nail Polish?

This type of treatment involves preparing the nail for the subsequent application of polish.

The remaining polish is removed, and the nails are filed to the desired length.

Once the previous step is completed, we proceed to remove any remaining residue to begin applying the selected nail polish color.

A natural ingredient hardening product is applied to prevent the polish from cracking and to ensure better adhesion.

The last step is to apply the polish in three strokes to achieve the desired result; first, a thin layer is applied, followed by a slightly thicker one.

Once applied, it is properly dried, and a gentle hand massage is performed.

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How Long Does Traditional Nail Polish Last?

At María de Felipe, we perform this treatment with professional products that guarantee long-lasting results, typically between 7 and 10 days.

Furthermore, the use of these products does not damage the nail cuticle, so the treatment can be repeated as desired.

Professional Traditional Nail Polishes

In our center, we use professional tools and products for traditional nail polish application.

Our polishes are of high quality, resulting in nails with a perfect finish.

We work with a wide range of colors so that you can select your favorite one.

We provide guidance on everything you need to ensure that your manicure finish is perfect and professional.