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Wonder Treatment in Mairena Del Aljarafe

At our beauty center María de Felipe, we have worked diligently to become the first and only ones in our location to possess the necessary knowledge to offer the Wonder treatment.
What has led us to want to study this treatment are the multiple benefits it provides to the body.

This treatment causes our body to change in less than 3 weeks, noticing much more developed muscles in the legs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading, we’ll tell you.

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Wonder Treatment: What Does It Consist Of?

To begin defining our Wonder machine, we can start with a word that has been widely recognized in recent years for its good results, electrostimulation, ring a bell, doesn’t it?
And it’s not without reason, with high-intensity electrostimulation, what we achieve is to regenerate our muscles quickly and effectively through muscle contractions.

These contractions are performed in 3 areas of the body, known as GAP, Glutes, Abdominals, and Legs, simultaneously, meaning contractions are received in all these areas equally.

But what really sets the Wonder treatment apart from the others is that it combines high-intensity electrostimulation with focused electromagnetism.

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Wonder Treatment: What Does It Consist Of?

To introduce our Wonder treatment, let’s begin with a term that has gained significant recognition in recent years for its positive outcomes: electrostimulation. Does it sound familiar?
And for good reason. With high-intensity electrostimulation, we effectively regenerate our muscles through rapid contractions.

These contractions target three key areas of the body: Glutes, Abdominals, and Legs, collectively known as GAP. This means that contractions are evenly distributed across these areas.

What truly distinguishes the Wonder treatment is its integration of high-intensity electrostimulation with focused electromagnetism, setting it apart from other methods.

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Moreover, this treatment has some incredible features:

  • Painless
  • Non-thermal
  • Non-ionizing
  • Non-radiant
  • Non-invasive

Thanks to all the benefits it provides to our body, we can say that it is an ideal treatment to begin reshaping our body and feel 100% healthy.

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What Will We Notice After the Wonder Treatment?

Rapid Fat Loss:

With just a 25-minute session, Wonder contracts the muscles up to 36,000 times or more, compared to intensive treatment.

Increase in Muscle Mass:

It acts intensively and deeply simultaneously in four of the largest skeletal muscles of the human body, abdominals, buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Smoother Skin:

It combats cellulite, stretch marks, or skin sagging due to the significant increase in vascularization of the connective tissue.

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4 Different Programs

Our Wonder machine offers 4 individual programs, each achieving different results according to our body’s needs.


Program intended for muscle mass increase.
It consists of energy bursts towards the muscles.

Benefits: Increases pure muscle strength, fatigue resistance through the construction of slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Muscle Definition

Indicated for controlled muscle development and generalized toning.
Specifically recommended for burning fat, increasing blood flow, warming the muscle tissue, and accelerating all necessary reactions to achieve more efficient muscle contraction.

Benefits: Balances body mass index (BMI) and increases basal metabolism.

Cellulite Combat

Effective in reducing cellulite and, therefore, improving the appearance of orange peel skin.
Specific program to increase blood flow and develop the blood capillary network of the exposed muscles.

Benefits: Improves irrigation and oxygenation.

Functional Recovery

Directed at training individuals with locomotion problems, bone or muscle diseases.
Wonder produces gentle muscle contractions to facilitate recovery from muscle fatigue and to help regain muscle strength after training sessions and competitions. It is the flagship program of Pelvic Floor treatment.

Benefits: Excellent in treating imbalance, pain, or posture correction.

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Benefits of the Wonder Treatment

Why Choose the Wonder Treatment?

Wonder enables obtaining immediate and permanent results in treatments for rapid and safe weight loss, toning, muscle regeneration, rehabilitation, cellulite reduction, and rejuvenation.
Just like with an exhaustive physical training, the treatment with Wonder causes fibers to break down and rebuild larger and stronger.

The muscle contractions induced by Wonder are not like regular contractions; they are supramaximal contractions, creating more tension and requiring more energy than a normal voluntary contraction.

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Technological Advantages of Wonder

In addition to all the previously mentioned benefits, thanks to its advanced technology, we obtain several advantages that will help you take the definitive step to start with this wonderful Wonder treatment.

Adaptable to Your Needs:

Wonder’s cutting-edge technology allows professionals to precisely adjust the pulse width.
Wonder enables professionals to set technical parameters such as frequency, depth, intensity, sensations, relaxation or contraction times, etc.

Contactless Treatment:

The special Electrowear suit is the attire to be worn during a Wonder session.
Strictly used for personal use, it guarantees perfect hygiene, and its opaque areas respect the user’s privacy during treatment.

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