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Sports Massage in Mairena Del Aljarafe

What Is a Sports Massage?

This massage is aimed at people who engage in any type of sport and need to be prepared to avoid any injuries.

In addition, it relaxes the muscles and aids in the recovery of the body’s tissues and fibers.

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How Many Types of Sports Massages Are There?

There are different types of massages depending on what the client wants to achieve:

Preventative, maintenance, pre-competition, intra-competition, post-competition, and within sports rehabilitation.

Sports massages should be performed every 4 to 6 weeks, as it is very important to have the body prepared to avoid injuries and continue with a good rhythm in the sport you practice.

It depends on the proximity of the competition or the daily sports routine you have.

Pre-competition massage: The goal is to increase muscle wakefulness, circulation, muscle temperature, tissue elasticity, and decrease muscle pain.

Post-competition massage: It is performed so that the athlete has a quick recovery, helps in the elimination of waste products from the body created during the effort, reduces hypertonia, prevents cramps, and increases blood supply.

Maintenance massage: It is performed to prevent injuries, reduce muscle fatigue, maintain muscle elasticity helping to increase sports performance.

At María de Felipe, we adapt to the needs of the athlete to guarantee a professional result and help them continue practicing sports without fear of injuries and be at 100% at all times, providing the body with everything it needs to continue.

We assess the moment in which the client is, being able to offer a personalized service adjusted to their needs.

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